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Session started Tuesday, January 9th and will continue for 60 days (Friday, March 9th).

The Florida PTA has been closely following several bills in both the House and Senate.

HB 33 and SB 90 (Texting while Driving) were passed unanimously in the first committee stops in both the House and Senate. These bills will change texting and driving from a secondary to a primary offense. The Florida PTA is a part of the No Texting and Driving Coalition, and we are excited to see that the pair of bills will continue on to the Judiciary Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation respectively.

We also are tracking the following bills:


HB 427 and SB 1324 (Instructional Personnel and School Administrator Salary Schedules)- Authorizes districts to set their own salary schedule; Authorizing, rather than requiring, the adoption of performance salary schedule (merit pay). This would reduce the amount our students are tested as there are many assessments given to students just to evaluate teachers.
HB 947 and SB 270 (Involuntary Examination and Involuntary Admission of Minors)- Provides parents/guardians earlier notification, the option to transport a minor under age 14 to a mental health facility for evaluation, and mandates children be evaluated within 8 hours of arrival.
HB 6063 and SB 1660 / HB 161 and SB 294 (Mandatory Retention Of Grade 3 Students)- Removes requirement for mandatory retention of third grade students based on performance on English Language Arts assessment.
HB311 and SB788 (Alternative High School Graduation Requirements)- If a student
fails to satisfy the grade 10 ELA assessment or Algebra I EOC assessment graduation requirements, the student may be eligible to complete an alternative pathway to graduation.​ Allows a student to graduate by earning an industry certification or providing a portfolio containing quantifiable evidence of subject mastery.


HB 1 and SB 1172 (Hope Scholarship Program)- Establishes a scholarship program to allow students that have been bullied to transfer to a different public or an eligible private school.
The Florida PTA has some concerns with this bill, as it does not address the bully in the described situation and only looks to remove the child who is being bullied.


HB 1419 and SB 1048 (Firearms)- Authorizes religious institutions to allow concealed carry on their campuses by a licensee. This would include churches and religious institutions which also have a school on their campus.

We will keep you updated on this process and the above bills with additional alerts through Voter Voice.